The Differences Between The North And South

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Drew Quinto
Mrs. Toneatti
APUSH Period 3
December 5, 2014 After half a century of development and growth, Americans witnessed an inevitable issue that threatened the state of the Union. The nation was created on a number of compromises and agreements made between the founding fathers. Since the early days of the Union, compromises have been the solution to various disputes in the young nation. However as the time in the 1800s progressed, the increasing sectionalism primarily caused by slavery was leading to large amounts of tension. In the past, these disputes were settled by compromises. However, the usual compromise was not applicable in the mid-1800s due to the political differences between the North and South as well as the different moral and social stances on slavery. These differents stances on political, social, and moral issues led to the breakdown of trust between the nation’s political parties and the breakdown of all compromises, thrusting the nation into the American Civil War. Between the years of 1820 and 1860, the whole political ideolgy changed over issues like slavery. At first, slavery, although being a issue and contrast of opinion, was kept under control in the government. The Missouri Compromise was an example of an agreement that settle disputes over slavery. Henry Clay, the creator of the compromise, did so with the intention of keeping the Union satisfied and all together. Henry Clay knew that the South was angered over the ideas of
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