The Differences Between Three Kings And Apocalypse Now

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One would think that all combat war movies were alike, but after watching two very different movies about the same subject, my previous assumptions were challenged. In recreating the chaotic world of combat war both Three Kings (Russell, 1999) and Apocalypse Now (Coppola, 1979) chose different styles of visual elements to convey and depict what war looks like. Despite bearing some minor similarities, the differences between Three Kings and Apocalypse Now are striking when it comes to cinematography. Three Kings starts out with an American soldier, Troy Barlow (played by Mark Wahlberg) yelling out to a buddy in the distance,” Are we shooting?”, while he is standing on a flat, colorless Iraqi desert scattered with mounds. The desert is washed out and almost everything has been drained of color except for the sky. Far away in the distance, on top of one of these mounds an Iraqi waves his rifle and some sort of fabric. It is unclear what the Iraqi is trying to say, is he appealing to the soldier? Is he taunting him? Maybe he is about to open fire or surrender. The Iraqi’s desperate gestures are too foreign, as the soldier calls out again, "Are we still shooting people or what?" This is all hard to tell from the bright glaring light that is being emitted from the snowy desert. The opening shot for Apocalypse Now is very different from the opening shot of Three Kings. The first thing we experience is a black screen with the sound of a helicopter. The first image we are shown

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