The Differences Between Uk Parliament And European Parliament

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Introduction The consciousness of democracy and decentralization grow in people’s mind and formed various kind of country during the history of human. The UK evolves about thousands years and become a constitutional monarchy country with nowadays appearance. The Europe suffered first and second war and others conflicts between European countries, to prevent further war occur in Europe European Union were built. In the last about sixty years the EU shows it’s potential and has the second largest parliament in the world with multiple member countries. The essay mainly focus on discuss the differences between UK parliament and European Parliament, statistics, government act, declaration and treaties will be given in order to support the opinions. Firstly, the origin and developments of the two parliaments will be given. Secondly, the essay will compare the two parliaments from aspects of structure, composition, function and role. Thirdly, a clear definition of power and ability between UK parliament and EU parliament will be illustrated. Then, the ability of parliament hold executive to account will be discussed. Ultimately, there will be conclusion to brief review the gist of this essay. Origin and Developments The evolution of UK parliament across about a thousand years, and can date back to Saxon era. At that time, there was a council or witan give advices to Saxon Kings comprised with nobles. In 13th century, Government became a “franchise operation” that the King
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