The Differences Between United States and Puerto Rico

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Are there differences between living in Puerto Rico and living in the United States? I believe that there are big differences. I came to the United States when I was fifteen years old. Although, I am currently living in the United States, I always go back to Puerto Rico to visit my family. I love it there. I like living in the United States but there are many things that differ from Puerto Rico such as food, education and weather. Puerto Rico has variety of Spanish food that make you go there. Puerto Rico’s food is one of the best reasons to visit the island. It is diverse, rich, and flavorful with a combination of rice, beans, meat and fish fried. Puerto Rico cooking is somewhat similar to both Spanish and other Hispanic cuisines. It’s…show more content…
High Schools are not preparing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel after graduation. Therefore, people want to enroll in college but the tuition for study is very high and even if the governments help you with federal funds, it is very expensive. Temperatures in Puerto Rico are moderate year round, averaging near 80 and 70 °F. Puerto Rico has a rainy season which stretches from April into November. The mountains of the Cordillera Central are the main cause of the variations in the temperature and rainfall that occur over very short distances. That is one of the reasons why sometimes it rains a lot. The weather is not a problem in Puerto Rico because even when raining people is go outside to get wet. By that I mean that even during a rain or storm, there are still ways to stay entertained in Puerto Rico. The casinos are open no matter what's going on outside. How about when is summer time people go to the beaches to enjoy that warm water. People bring towels to lay down under the palms trees. They bring cooler to keep their beers cold while they go into the water. There are 4 seasons in America: Spring, summer, fall, and winter. In the springtime, (February- May) the first season in the year, it is mildly warm and sometimes cold. In the summertime, (June- August) the second season of the year, it is hot and sunny. In the fall, (September- November)
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