The Differences Between a Human Resource Manager and a Personal Manager

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The difference between human resources manager and personal manger
The main difference between human resources management and personnel management is that personnel management is considered to be out dated or more of a traditional approach, whereas human resources management is the Morden approach of most organisations and that is because human resource tend to represent the new style of managing employees in an organisation.
When it comes to comparing the two approaches, we find that personnel management is mostly administrative and it’s only aim is to establish and maintain equitable terms and conditions of employment. On the other hand human resource management participate the traditional personal management approach to corporate strategies and goals, and work to develop activities that motivate staff.
Difference in approach
Personnel management approach tends to work toward establishing rules, procedures and policies and attempts to monitor and apply compliance to such regulations, with careful description of written contract. Whereas the human resources management approach tends to go easy with the rules based on the business needs and tries to understand the employees thru talking to them regarding their problems in order to satisfy them. In other words human resources management lean towards workers to help them get their needs rather than just applying the contract rules.
The main difference in the approach of the HR and personnel management is the motivation
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