The Differences Of Baroque Music During The Baroque Period

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According to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, “the baroque period was thus one of stylistic duality.” It was an era that displayed emotional extremes through art and architecture. One of the ways art was expressed was through music. During the early baroque era, music became more appealing to the people of Italy. It was a way of how people can voice their emotions and feelings in different forms through other senses besides their eyes. Unlike the other kinds of arts such as paintings and sculptures that have a visual, emotional effect, the baroque music affected the people through their sense of hearing. Music became more popular with the middle class, and amateur musicians started to appear. Because of the conflict between the Catholics…show more content…
Baroque music included the birth of the opera, the use of instruments and voice in baroque music, and Italian composers such as Vivaldi and Monteverdi. The Opera was developed in the early Baroque era by a group of humanists in Florence, who wanted to revive the arts of ancient Greece. It was a kind of musical form with solos that convey intense feelings to show interest in human emotion. Greek myths and stories were told through the opera. Before the Baroque era, music was rarely written specifically for instruments; most often, music played on instruments was originally for voice. During the Baroque Era, musical instruments were improved, and composers began to write pieces for specific instruments. The use of the instruments and voice in music was a powerful form that was developed in the Baroque period. Italian composers such as Antonio Vivaldi and Claudio Monteverdi performed notable works that expressed great emotion and drama. Monteverdi’s opera performance L’Orfeo retells the Greek myth of Orpheus. Moreover, Baroque music in Italy creates a dramatic atmosphere to convey the listeners’ emotions in the seventeenth century to relate to their feelings through the

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