The Differences Of National Cinema

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National cinema is concept discussed and often debated. To understand the differences of national cinema it can be compared to contemporary Hollywood cinema. This essay will discuss these differences in terms of production and distribution. It will also look at the aesthetics of national cinema with a focus on New Zealand national cinema and New Zealand films including Goodbye Porkpie, The Lord of the Rings, Boy and Once were Warriors.

In order to compare the differences of ‘national’ Cinema to contemporary Hollywood cinema of these styles of cinema must be identified. Firstly ‘National Cinema’ is generally used to identify and describe films that are produced within a particular nation state. (Higson, p.36) There is no one universally accepted definition of national cinema however the description by T, O’Regan says, “National cinemas are simultaneously an aesthetic and production movement, a critical technology, a civic project of state, an industrial strategy and an international project formed in response to the dominant international cinemas” (O’regan, p.45) This suggests that National cinema is formed by a comparison to Hollywood as well as other national cinemas. Comparisons can be made by asking questions that focus on the, production distribution and aesthetic features of these cinemas. For example where the films are made? Who by? Who controls the industrial infrastructure and means of production? What are these films about? And to what extent are the ‘exploring,
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