The Differences Of Prison Life Today

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Prison Life

Prison deals with inmates from all kinds of backgrounds. Every convict has different backgrounds and are there serving time for crimes they committed. Prison is a place used to serve as a detention for convicted criminals. Apart from the death penalty, being sentence in prison is the toughest punishment forced on criminals in the United States. The government, incarceration is managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a federal agency within the department of justice. State prisons on the other hands are supervised by a state agency such as a department of corrections. Places like penitentiary or correctional is a facility, one that punishment are enforce by the courts for serious crimes, such as felonies. For lesser crimes, courts usually give short term incarceration in a jail, detention center, or small facility.
Prison life back in the 1700's was not as strict as it is today. There were windows that the prisoners could look through in order to ask for charity from the people walking by on the outside, and sometimes prisoners would be allowed to sell things at the prison gates. Although there are many differences between the life in prison back then and the life in prisoner today, there are also many similarities. Each accused individual that are arrested by the police are taken to the nearest holding cell.
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State officials have known about this situation for years, and still nothing has been done about it. Brenda Smith, a professor at American University Washington College of Law, mentioned; "The sexual abuse of women in custody is a long-standing and endemic problem." She later joined the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission, from 2004 to 2009. The United States having the highest imprisoned people in the world, by not stopping this, it will then cause a betray of people
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