The Differences between Malaysia's Leading Newspapers

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Differences between the Star newspaper and the New Straits Times The Star and The New Straits Times are two of Malaysia’s most read English-language daily and Sunday newspapers. Having given the task to observe and analyze both newspapers for a week; from the 15th of March till the 21st of March 2010, many similarities as well as differences were spotted. From the aspect of the content and objective of the papers, ownership plays a major role in determining what materials are included in the publications. The Star newspaper acts as a medium to spread political opinions and ideologies of the MCA (its owner) besides highlighting issues in relation to the said party. For example, ‘MCA plans SME one stop centre’ that was printed on the 16th…show more content…
Her articles attract attention due to her passionate and aggressive style of writing that sets her apart from others. For both newspapers, the style of writing and covering news differs according to sections as different parts of the newspaper cater to different people and has different objectives. Observing The Star, conclusions made were that the ‘Nation’, ‘World’, ‘Views’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Starbiz’ sections that reports hard news were written in a formal tone using simple language with straightforward headlines and complementing images. The Star Metro which consists of news, comments, events, food, feature, letters and In-tech opts for a laid back style of writing with images as it poses as a form of light reading suitable for a wide range of audiences. The Star Two section that discuss trends, issues, people, showbiz, music, R.AGE, parenting, guide, music, video, radio, health, education and fashion are made up of opinion based pieces targeting both professionals and young readers. Mixtures of serious and informal styles were used depending on the issues discussed. The New Straits Times also has different styles of reporting based on different sections. The Prime news, Spotlight, Nation, Business times, World News and Sports are Hard News written in short paragraphs though the articles are long as it provides

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