The Differences in Health Traditions Between Cultures

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The Differences in Health Traditions between Cultures Each individual has an exclusively cultural heritage attachment that is comprised of a lot of different customs and values. It is almost impossible for anyone or group of people to live everyday by not practicing according to their beliefs or cultural background. Being born to a person depending on whom they are or where they live means so much in some cultures. For example, I was born into a family where my parents were both educated and good practicing Catholics. This automatically puts me in a middle class family or made my statues a little higher than so many people whose parents are not educated. I consider myself fortunate and that is mostly why I am always humble in life. I…show more content…
Earlier this week, I took the liberty of interviewing a few close friends of mine in order to receive an insight on their different cultural backgrounds. Being a nurse, I work in a very diverse community so the results I received were very normal. The first family I interviewed was Filipino and I was very interested to find out how they dealt with health and illness, culturally speaking. During our interview, I quickly learned that in the Philippines many people believe that certain illnesses are believed to have a natural origin. This did not come as abnormal. The Philippine tradition has been influenced by Indians, Chinese, Arabians, Spanish, Mexicans and American belief systems (Poces & Poces, 2004). In addition, it is a common belief that illness is caused by spiritual as well as moral imbalances. In order to combat these diseases, their custom called for the use of three types of healing: faith healing through prayer, herbal medicines and massaging the body. Additionally, food is an important aspect as well. “Every night, I would prepare garlic and onion soup for my grandparents in order to make sure their blood pressure was under control” (M. Sampaga, personal communication, August 16, 2011). As you can see, with different cultures comes different customs and there is no exception for health traditions. My next interview was with a Mexican family that I have known since
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