The Differences in Laws and Privacy in the United States and the European Union in Computer Security

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European Union? Do the laws that a society have in place deter computer hacking or should we require to have better systems and technology to prevent such an attacks. In reviewing the US’s Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and the changes that have been made to improve computer security in the private sector, to see if these enough to protect our systems from cybercrimes? Will the addition of the Aaron law to this act going to improve computer security? Is the government just playing with terms and phase, or can this amendment true help protect our systems and how will hacking be handled in the future? I will outline that our government is merely addressing hacking on a, as it happened bases compared to the European Union and does not clearly define the modern issue that we are handling or what they will become.

The Computer Fraud & Abuse Act (18 USC 1030) is legislation that was first enacted in 1986 to clarify the existing computer fraud law created in 1984 it helped to identify and speak to malicious code and hacking attacks. The legislation identifies what is consider a crime and were the line are between crime and code are. Even though the Act clearly details what is not acceptable, it falls short in today’s modern time. The act was constructed in a time well before the Internet was a force that everyone uses 100 of times a day. The Act can be broadly interpreted and can be…
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