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The Differences of Men and Women Men and women often misunderstand each other. Though we do not plan or expect to make life difficult for each other, we often mistake the ideas and feelings of a person of the other sex. We sometimes get trapped into thinking that behavior can be predicted by gender which is often not the case

Why is it that when a woman says one thing her spouse hears something completely different? That
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Perhaps the most wellknown and widely quoted is Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. John Gottman, author of Why Marriages Succeed or Fail has thoroughly researched the topic in the past decade.

With all the bright and experienced minds in this world, it would seem that we could get definitive answers. Of course, we do have answers. So what is the problem? Why do we have so many misunderstandings and disappointments in our communication with our mates if we have the answers? Is it that we don't like the answers? Maybe. Is it that we don't understand the answers? Probably.

We interpret our mate's communications (words, body language and meanings) through our own experience and goals. Of course, you say, how else could we respond? Well, as humans, we have the ability to empathize, to imagine and put ourselves in another person's shoes. What do we do if we meet someone from another culture and we want to understand and be understood? We would probably want to consider what is important to that person so we would not offend or insult them. We would ask questions and clarify to make sure we understood one another.

Why would we do less with our spouses (partners)?

Ask yourself, when men communicate with women, what is the purpose or goal of that communication? And vice versa? What do we mean when we say we want to communicate? What we

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