The Different Between Manager and Leader

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INTRODUCTION Some people think of the words Manager and Leader and think they are the same. The two are related, but the jobs are different. They might look the same, but don’t mean the same. Both Manager and Leader have different responsibilities in an organization. Leader will influence and set example for others to follow, this is called “do as I do, and Manager is do what I say”. In real life, some Managers possess leadership qualities and some Leaders possess some managerial qualities. Managers and Leaders are two different kinds of characters. It’s not easy to see the difference because the qualities of Managers and Leaders are each combined in the same person. But if ones observe the qualities in each person, one will know that…show more content…
Leaders exchange excitement for work and strived to achieve what they believe. Leaders appeal to their followers by winning their hearts and assure their followers that following will benefit them. Some leaders have stronger charisma therefore it is easy for those types of leader to attract people to what they believe in. Leader usually promised their followers transformational benefits such as becoming a better person or leader. Leaders are also people person; they always take blame on themselves and are most effective in getting what great leaders need that which is loyalty. Although they are people person but they always draw the line when it comes to aloofness. They maintain some type of separation and aloofness. Leaders do pay attention to task and focus on achievement, but most of all they feel successful when they can enthuse their followers towards their vision. Managers are risk-averse, but leaders are risk-seeking, they pursue their vision and tackle problems and hurdles that seem to come in the way of their leadership. A leader will feel comfortable with getting involved with risky task that others will avoid, and they don’t mind breaking rules to get things done. Let’s go back a little to a leader’s vision. when I talk about a leader’s vision, I am saying it in terms of a leader having a clear picture of what and how he/she sees his/her organization in clear pathway. Buhler gave an example of a leader who had a vision

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