The Different Education Exam Systems

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Introductory As we know, different country has diversity style of education system, we cannot say which is better or worse, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. We can figure out the differences and connections with them, and learn to know the reasons why different countries has different education system. I am going to talk the teaching style and education purpose in three countries, China, America and Japan. As for teaching style, This will determine the interests for students. If a professor could make his or her class more funnier, students would be willing to go to his or her class and listen carefully. But how to do this, from ancient to now, teaching style is always the topic that people discuss. Now in…show more content…
This helps to explains the Japanese characteristic of group behavior.”(Nmiko, A.) We can compare China to Japan, there are several differences between them. Japan put the importance on the group and teamwork, they foster the ability of teamwork, and teach student how to cooperate with other members in a team. They believe that team can have much bigger strength, it can beat everything. But in China, we just foster our student’s individual ability, Chinese education can foster wonderful personal ability. A student can be extremely great, but when they be together, they cannot cooperate well. What lead to this. Because, they were never trained or taught how to do works with others, everyone wants to perform themselves and this really leads to some problems. They cannot work together happily, and always made mistakes. What is education used for? As for America, it is critical thinking and creative ability. As for japan, it is teamwork, cooperation and group. As for China, it is personal ability. But, under this mood, it always come out some students who only care about themselves and everything is around him or her. The worse thing is they do not know what is right what is wrong. Cheating, mean, betray their partners. Everything that is bad. Just because of education. Education should be educational, it should foster students’ moral aspect, too. “ Finally, we note what is conspicuous by its absence: although all universities offer courses in ethics, usually
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