The Different Faces Of Humanity

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The Different Faces Of Humanity Human suffering is a topic that has been going on for a long time all around the world but the people from our society tend to ignore it. Human suffering is something that many innocent people go through all around the world, and our society tends to become so numb on the topic that they don 't even care anymore but yet do they know, with them not caring all its doing is making the enemy powerful. It is cruel to go on with your daily lives knowing innocent people are dying out there and our society does nothing. Human suffering has been going around for a long time, many Documentaries, articles and films try to highlight and show the world what 's going on but many people turn their shoulders because of…show more content…
This happened Oct. 18 in southern China. The report said 18 people passed by; some on foot, some steering their bicycles around her limp body as they purposely ignored the child. ’’ (The Daily Barometer). In other words, the author was explaining and trying to demonstrate how many people in our society make such small things more significant than what the bigger problem is, just how he/she mentioned how the headlines made a toddler getting bitten by a dog more bigger than a 2 year old toddler who was hit by a car and people looking at her walking by soon after she was hit by another car as people continued to walk by not bothering to help her. This shows how our society tends to turn their heads on the bigger problem and focusing on small non-significant situations, our society doesn’t want to interfere in problems they have to do anything about, and people in our society are selfish. In the article ‘’ The Perils of Indifference’’ by a holocaust survivor named Elie Wiesel himself writes, ‘’ It is so much easier to avoid such rude interruptions to our work, our
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