The Different Film Genres

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Of the various major film genres, I am most attracted to action/adventure films and comedy films. I particularly like action/adventure films because they allow e to be transported to a fantasy world where good always triumphs over evil. There are a great variety of action films I enjoy watching, however, one of the things that they all have in common is an unusually high rate of violence. Through these films, I am able to be transported to a dangerous environment while remaining in a safe location. Additionally, these action films transport me to another place and time, which I find thoroughly enjoyable because it allows me to see how directors believe these different things can be depicted on film.
A second genre I am particularly drawn to is comedy. I enjoy being able to escape my present reality and allows me to laugh at others and their situations without being mean or condescending. One thing that I find interesting about comedies is that although they may be funny on their surface, they often serve to teach a lesson such as the importance of friends or the importance of being yourself. Even though people in this types of films are often put in improbably and compromising positions, they are still able to persevere by facing whatever obstacles they are up against.
Of the various genres of film, I believe that I have watched at least a handful of each…
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