The Different Forms of Golf Balls According to the Dimples Essays

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Different golf balls can affect the outcome of the shot. The different constructions of each ball can change the possible distances of the flight of the ball. Although different subjects may have varying results with each ball, the construction does have an effect on the outcome. The dimples affect the airflow around the ball and different dimples have different effects. Golf balls have not always had dimples on them. The balls that are used when playing golf used to be made of wood. They then evolved into the featherie. A featherie is a leather pouch that was filled with wet goose feathers. When the leather dried the ball shrunk and hardened. They worked well in good weather conditions, but when the featheries got wet they did not work…show more content…
The flight pattern affects the distance that the ball travels when hit. The dimple’s structure affects the amount of drag force applied to the golf ball (Aoki, 2010). The distance of a golf course is measured in yards. The “par” of a hole is how many strokes it should take to get the ball into the hole. Since the goal of the game is to be under or on par, the golf ball hit needs to travel as far as possible in order to achieve this goal. The right construction of dimples helps a player reach this goal. A golf course consists of eighteen different holes. Each hole is a different shape, width, a different distance than all the other holes on a golf course. On each hole there are multiple tee boxes. Each tee box is a different distance from the hole than the others. The tee boxes are placed at certain distances from the holes based on age, rank (amateur or professional), and only one tee box on each hole is based on gender. The relevance of this experiment is to all golf players. The information can be used to help determine which golf balls to use, thus improving a player’s game. When the hitter is able to take longer shots they have a higher chance of achieving par or being under par. The information gathered can also be used by golf ball manufacturers. Manufacturers can use the information to determine what balls that they make work best. Also they will be able to make more of the balls that fly better and less of the balls that don’t fly as well. In this
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