The Different Forms of Psychometric Tests Essay

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The Different Forms of Psychometric Tests

Describe the different forms of Psychometric tests commonly used by employers to assist in employee selection and comment on the advantages and disadvantages of their use.

Since the beginning of civilization, employers have testing prospective workers in order to select suitable candidates. Original tests would have been a rigidly controlled standardized system of examinations. However in 1883 Galton produced the first psychometric tests to measure intellect, and his developed form of analysis still form the basis of present day psychometrics. An increasing number of employers now use psychometric tests as part of their selection process. The tests
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The candidate’s responses are then measured and scored to five dimensions location, determination, form quality, content and frequency of occurrence. The Rorschach test had problems upon implementation. E. Lord in 1950 claimed that the examiner may inadvertently reveal information or reinforce certain types of responses through facial expressions and other forms of non-verbal communication (Saccuzzo, 1998). Evaluating Rorschach on classical psychometric properties has also proven difficult. Psychologists have concluded that the empirical data is inadequate when judged by scientific standards. This is due to the Rorschach scoring methods being un-standardized and therefore provided varied and inconsistent results. Other problems relate to the examiner rather than psychometric properties which include lack of relevant training and experience in scoring methods. The Holtzman inkblot test was designed to overcome many of the problems with the Rorschach test. In this test, subjects are only required to give one response per card. The scoring method was also standardized, to allow accurate consistent results. The test consisted of 45 cards, on which each response could be measured on twenty two dimensions. Many of these dimensions corresponded to those of the Rorschach test but others included anxiety and hostility. The main
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