The Different Impact Of Colonialism

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The Different Impact of Colonialism Africa has been impacted many ways throughout history such as the struggles of the slave trade, independence from colonialism, economic and political development. The colonization of Africa played many roles when it came to the impact of Africans. Erik Gilbert, Jonathan Reynolds, A. Adu Boahen have addressed the impact and issues of Africa in books such as Africa in World History and African Perspectives on European Colonialism. The Scramble for Africa became such a big deal because there were many individuals involved such as Spain, Britain, Belgium, Italy, France, Europeans, Portugal, and Germany coming into Africa marking their territory in different countries throughout Africa. African societies were impact through many ways when it came to economic, social, and political structures. According to Boahen, the scramble for Africa was attributed of a “combination of internal African conditions and external Europeans factors” (28). These problems arise after the Transatlantic Slave trade because in many part of Africa the trading of slaves was a huge part of their economy. In addition, for the Europeans they had a problem of not having the available resource unlike Africans after the abolition of slave trading to moving to trading natural and raw material. Europeans wanted and needed more power; However, the struggle to obtain their goal in Europe. Many thought that after the Transatlantic Slave trade the economy might not experience the
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