The Different Meanings Of The Indian Camp By Ernest Hemingway Essay

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The Story within the Story: The different meanings of "The Indian Camp" While researching texts written about "The Indian Camp" by Ernest Hemingway. I found that readers all had different views on the events within the story. One of the major focus was on an suicide that took place. Although the reason for the even is not clear many chose to focus on why it happened. This was not the main plot of the story but it played a significant roll in people interpretations. The short story focuses on Nick Adam 's a young kid who is taking a trip with his father to deliver a baby. While on this trip Nick is exposed to certain things that are parts of life. My goal in this paper is to try to give my readers my interpretations on the events that unfolded during the story. Ill give you a glimpse into my point of view and what I think each situation means. To achieve my goal, I have organized my paper into three sections. Two out of the three will have sub-sections. In the first section I will provide an event about Nick and his understanding on whats actually happening: my interpretation of his father and what I thought nick was exposed to and his understanding. The second section I will discuss what I thought the meaning of the suicide ment. I will cite some resources from different texts that we have went over in discussion and what resources thought of the tragic suicide. Ill try to compare how my thoughts was formulated vs what the sources thought. I will end my paper with an a
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