The Different Sections Of The Book ' The Omnivore 's Dilemma '

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The different sections of the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” embody the flawed system that America is currently facing, particularly the food industry. There is a limited understanding of what constitute an ideal meal, and process of prepping one. It could be that the information available are not clear and direct, or most consumers are choosing to overlook the lurking dangers behind the accessible food products. Either way, it is evident that most consumers have fell out of touch with knowing what they eat. The book provides a precise, comprehensive, and intuitive summary of the elements on the definition of foods. “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” is written in a direct, clear, and informative manner for the general audience, including farmers, consumers, and those who actively involve with processing foods. Readers will be able to establish a deeper understanding of the evolution of collecting food, and how that has affected the choices of putting together a perfect meal. The book follows a reverse sequence, which might serve as a hindrance in my opinion, starting with the industrializations of corns and meats, then closing with the very early style of hunting and gathering fresh ingredients. The limitation, though severs the flow between each section of the book, does not completely obscure the intention of the texts. The tone of the book is somewhat objective as the aim is to provide credible materials, with a few parts where the author shares his own perceptions on some

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