The Different Styles Of Art And Architecture

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The topic of this is going to discuss the different styles of art and architecture throughout Ancient Egypt and what motivated the Egyptians to create them. It will address the different styles based on different important periods of time from which they developed. After a discussion of motivations for Egyptian art, in the correct historical order, the paper will discuss the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, the Amarna Period, and finally the New Kingdom. The main two motivations for Egyptian art and architecture were to please the gods that they worshiped and to provide happiness as well as safety for their "ka" in the afterlife. In order to please the gods and ensure their continuing goodwill toward the people, kings built splendid temples and provided priests maintain them. The deepest rooms of these temples contained representations of the gods in various forms some were human, other animals, and still other a combination of the two. The well-known pyramids of Egypt were erected to honor the gods. The angles sides may have been meant to represent the slanting rays of the sun and writings on the walls tell of passed kings ascending those rays to join the sun god.
It was especially important to provide a comfortable home for the ka of royalty. Egyptians preserved the bodies of the dead with care and placed them in burial chambers filled with sculpted body substitutes and all the supplies and furnishings the ka might need in the afterlife. To provide the ka with the most…
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