The Different Styles Of Attachment

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INTRODUCTION (3-5 sentences .25pg)
We will be exploring the different styles of attachment, how parenting affects attachment style and in turn how it affects our love lives as adults. Built by close relationships, attachment can vary from one relationship to another, depending on how available that person is, especially during infancy and childhood. As adults, we react to things based on our attachment style, which is ingrained but not unchangeable, this not only affects our relationships with prospective partners but everyone we hold close throughout our lives. Attachment is an immensely valuable tool in the world of psychology, with it you can better understand how behavior is influenced by experience.
I chose attachment because I would like to obtain a deeper understanding of the different styles of attachment and how to apply attachment theory in my life. I have four younger siblings, watching them get raised in separate households with very different parenting styles makes me wonder about how parenting styles and attachment can affect how children grow and respond. I am also interested in how attachment affects your adult relationships, not only in love but friendships as well. I have been in relationships where it would have been helpful to understand attachment in order to understand my partner and their reactions better. As well as using attachment as a form of self-insight in order to improve my own reactions in
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