The Different Styles of Management Essay

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This research has asked us to look into three different styles of management and find real life examples of companies or individuals who have or are currently using such styles of management. To begin we will take a look into the use of an autocratic style of management versus a participative. In this portion we will look into Leona Helmsley and her chain of hotels. Once this potion is completed, our next section will be looking into a centralized style of management versus a decentralized style. In this section of the research, we will be looking into Apple Inc and how they have built an empire with a centralized style of managing philosophy. Finally, in the final section of the research we will be taking a look at how Google has created…show more content…
Leona was known to fire employees for the simplest mistakes they made (Nayab, 2011). It is hard to argue whether or not this style of managing was a success when it comes to her hotel chains. From the outside, one can say that her autocratic style of managing has been a tremendous success; her hotel chains have been valued at well over five billion dollars, but when one looks at the core of her business, it is easy to say that her autocratic style of managing has not been so successful. Employee turnover is high and employee morale and satisfaction has always been at extremely low levels. Employees at her hotel chains are constantly walking on eggshells; they accomplish their tasks in fear of retaliation and possible dismissal if it is not accomplished to her standards. Now that have look at the autocratic style of leadership, the research will navigate towards an example of a company who has been using more of a centralized decision making style versus a decentralized style. Centralized companies are those which rely on one individual to make all the decisions and to also provide guidance for the company. Apple Inc is a prime example of an organization that has used a centralized style of managing for years and years. According to the website; Apple has
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