The Different Types Of Bullying

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Bulling has been going on forever, and parents in the past would tell their kids to take care of it because the kids needed to have pride in them selves. When people talk about bullying the first thing they think of is who got picked on in school today? Well bullying is not just in school, it is everywhere and anywhere you could think of. Perhaps maybe at work, or in church, or maybe in an athletic contest of some sort. They would not let anyone walk over them no matter who they were. Victims and bullies have the same consequences on both ends of the deal. Victims can suffer from multiple things during and or after getting bullied. There are different types of bullying that people do not even realize that they are doing. The different types of bullying are cyber bullying, verbal, physical and relational. Even though they are different types of bullying they still create the same mess for the victims.

Physical bullying is when one person or a group of people pick on a person face to face and harass them. People who get physically bullied are usually the people that are the quiet ones and the ones that keep to them selves. When some one gets physically bullied it affect everyone around as well such as the teachers, students and principals. Physical bullying could lead to all different kinds of problems for everyone whether it be the family pressing charges because the physical bullying got bumped up to harassment or assault. It all depends on how far the bully
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