The Different Types Of Business Communication

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I have been contacted by Joseph Keegan LTD to help train their staff in regard to business communication. I will produce a fact sheet below which the staff at Joseph Keegan’s LTD can look at and learn about the different types of business communication.

Types of information:
There are many different types of information and there are many different ways to communicate these, these include verbal, electronic and non-electronic. Methods of verbal communication include:

Verbal: I personally think that face to face communication is the best method that a business can use because of the fact that it allows the person who is doing the speaking to actually get some feedback off of the person that is listening, an example of this is that if you had text somebody saying something they would simply text you back and you wouldn’t be able to see what their body language says and this is why I believe businesses should use more face to face methods of speaking to each other, this is because they are able to judge by body language if somebody is lying to them or if somebody understands their idea correctly whereas through non-verbal there is no indication of this sort.

Although face to face is the best method it often isn’t practical for a business that has limited finances, time and resources. Telephone conversations are in my opinion the second best way of verbally communicating, however, I personally am not very good at speaking to people on the phone, I will answer with very short…
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