The Different Types Of Criminal Theory

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Of the different types of criminal theory, Social Control Theory is the most plausible in explaining the reasons for crime. As Hendrix states in Experience Criminal Justice, Social Control Theory states that people commit crime to gain positive outcomes and to remove negative outcomes (Hendrix, 48). Even though this may appear as a simplistic explanation, it is a consistent and fundamental, human desire. Although morality, ethics, and laws exist, a person’s desires can easily allow ignorance to remove what a person sees as right or wrong. This can be see in a young child refusing to obey their parents so that they can gain their desired object or feeling. In regards to biological theories of crime, there are components to consider, but not to adopt as a world view. More specifically, I do not agree with the persons’ body differences as signs of a future criminal as the text presents (Hendrix, 41). However, I do agree with the text that characteristics can influence (Hendrix, 43). The traits, however, are not a litmus test for a criminal, since self control and environmental factors also exist. If a person’s actions were all based on the way that they look like, what would stop genocides? With this theory as a world view, genocides and other similar practices would appear to be necessary services. Although there are some similar theories at the base of gang violence and acts of terrorism, it is not identical. Both types are influenced by Social and Culturally Learning…
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