The Different Types of Autism

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At two years old Johnathan was diagnosed with a mild form of autism. Autism affects every 1-in-70 boys and 1-in-315 girls around the world. It affects the brain’s way of thinking and processing information. Many people with autism have a hard time with concentration, organization, and remembering certain things. Consequently, autism is a mental disorder that affects the brain, body, and other people. According to Mary Brownell, “autism is a neurobiological condition that ranges from severe to mild.”“People with autism spectrum disorder (ASDs) have problems with communication, learning, behavior, and social skills.”(Abramovitz) This shows that autism can affect many parts of the brain, which may affect the body. The different ranges of autism are known as the autism spectrum. The autism spectrum can range from mild to serious. In serious cases, some people may not be able to speak, feed, or dress themselves. In other worlds, autism can be different for anyone who has it; therefore, one may have it worse then another. (1a:SV; therefore, SV.) In addition, autism is a mental illness that can range in seriousness. The aspergers spectrum is a mild form of autism, which is part of the autism spectrum. “Individuals with aspergers represent the greatest number of people on the spectrum. Another way to say this is that many people with autism have aspergers spectrum. Aspergers is a type of mild autism that is mainly seen in people with autism. Also, many people with aspergers
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