The Different Types of Behavior of People on Planet Earth

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On our planet, religion is defined with as much complexity as it is on earth. Although there are several criteria we use to define religion, the following five are the most important. First, the definition of religion does not depend on a belief in God, but it is important to have a concept of the difference between sacred and profane dimensions. A second characteristic of religion that we used to evaluate life on earth is the "presence of a moral code," (Cline, n.d.). This moral code may or may not be perceived to be divine in origin. A third criterion of religion is that it has a social component. That social component can mean collective or group identity. Fourth, religion has to have a psychological impact on the individual. The impact relates to the person's identity formation and also leads to possible feelings of mystical awareness, wonder, awe, peace, or emotional intensity (Cline, n.d.). Based on these five criteria, I evaluated the behavior of people on planet earth. The first behavior I tabulated was the fact that throughout the world, people are clustered according to their language and culture. I also noticed that religion was an integral part of every culture. Even within diverse societies like the United States, people tended to socialize in "houses of worship" called churches, mosques, or synagogues. There were some groups of people that were socializing in places that served strong alcoholic beverages, and after a while, I realized that these
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