The Different Types of Homelessness

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It’s a bitter-cold night with a clear sky and stars glistening as far as the eye can see. A cutting wind blows throw the streets of a dark and dank downtown street lined with the day’s newspapers tossed aside without regard. Dry leaves blow through the gutter making a rustling sound that blends with the scampering of rats pillaging for food. In the doorway of the local druggist he reaches for every newspaper page that blows by to stuff into his shirt, pants, and socks in a feeble attempt to keep the wind and cold at bay. He sits on his knapsack that holds every treasured possession he owns as a buffer from the cold, hard, cement. One bottle. That’s all he needs to warm his insides and settle in for the night. A malnourished old man,…show more content…
Staying longer in transitional housing beats the alternative, unsheltered homelessness. Unsheltered homelessness categorizes those homeless living in locations not meant for human habitation, such as automobiles, parks, tunnels, and local druggist doorways. These are typically the people considered morally deficient or to have character flaws. They are your mentally ill, addicts, and degenerates, to name a few. “It was generally believed a good Christian, under God’s grace, would naturally have their needs met. People outside of that grace somehow were deserving of their plight as God rendered justice accordingly and fairly” (The History of Homelessness in America 1640’s to present). Fortunately, in modern times, we recognize that homelessness has no mutual relation to a person’s real worth. Often times it is uncontrollable circumstances that bring one to a state of homelessness. Unfortunately, repetitive circumstances and bring about chronic homelessness.
Chronic homelessness can bring about a multitude of consequences, the main one being death. “The mortality rate for those experiencing chronic homelessness is four to nine times higher than for the general population” (United States Interagency Council on Homelessness). Individuals finding themselves in a state of chronic homelessness may

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