The Different Types of Prayer Essay

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The Different Types of Prayer

Prayer is a form of communication between God and people. Christians use prayers in both public and private worship as away of communicating with God. They also use prayers to listen to God and receive guidance, support and comfort from him. The prayers may be said in silence or aloud.

Jesus taught that people must be persistent in prayer. They should not expect their prayers to be answered straight away. Jesus taught that Christians must pray with true faith and devotion.

Prayer was the way through which Jesus could talk to his father, God. Jesus believed that God had a purpose for his creation. He used prayers as the means by which he could discover this
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A confession prayer à “Forgive us the wrongs we have done as we forgive the wrongs that others have done to us.”

This confession prayer is asking for the forgiveness of their sins. It also says that forgive us because we forgive those people do bad to us.

Christians believe that unless they forgive others, they can’t be forgiven themselves. Therefore it says. “…as we forgive the wrongs that others have done to us.”

The second type of prayer I will look at is thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is thanking God.

When Christians want to thank God for something, they say a thanksgiving prayer. This kind of prayer helps Christians feel grateful and stops them from taking things for granted.

People can thank God for various things. For example: getting better/ recovering from an illness; giving them life; some good news they’ve received etc.

I interviewed a Christian on thanksgiving and this is what she said:

“Every time I go to church, I thank God for my loving husband and my two beautiful children who he’s blessed me with. I’m thankful for all that he’s given me- a place where I earn my living, a place that I can call home and so much more. Every time, I have a problem, I pray to him. I ask him for help and guidance.”

Looking at this interview, I can see that this person is very satisfied with her life
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