The Different Ways Of Which Freedom Can Be Compatible With Determinism

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1-Discuss the different ways in which freedom can be compatible with determinism.


According to (Consider Ethics text book on page 224), Freedom and determinism can be compatible with Simple Compatibilism, which according to David Hume, he claimed that ‘’all the puzzles and disputes about free will result from sloppy and confused use of language. Therefore, if we think carefully, and avoid verbal entanglements, then free will is a simple and obvious matter, and all mankind both learned and ignorant, have always had same opinion about the nature and existence of free will. Therefore, David Hume in his argument on free will also added that ‘’By liberty (free will) we can only mean a power of acting or not acting according to determinations of the will, that is if we choose to remain at rest, we may, if we choose to move, we may also.’’ Therefore, this hypothetical liberty of David Hume according to (Consider Ethics textbook) is universally allowed to belong to anyone who is not prisoner or in chains. And so free will as David Hume claimed consists in having the power to act in accordance with your own will.
Another aspect of Compatiblism of freedom to determinism, which we discussed in class with Professor Andrez was Soft compatible or Compatibilist. Soft Compatiblism seeks to belief that freewill are been predestined by God and can’t be taken away from us because it’s a destiny call which
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