The Different Worlds Of Tax

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Alejandro Bedoya
Professor Mundy
8 April 2016
The Different Worlds of Tax
The United States of America is a country well know as “the land of opportunity.” In many aspects this is very true, almost anything can be sought out and accomplished. Of course, the phrase “nothing is ever truly free” goes hand in hand with that. Taxes are the evidence that back up that statement, no matter what you do or buy or sell here the government will always be getting its piece to. We all get taxed for making purchases, for owning a home, for having a business, and even for working to make money. As you can imagine no one ever wants to pay taxes but the taxes collected are used to continue many different programs in our country. Many people don’t like paying taxes but imagine what the difference would be if there were little to no taxes in American, or even too much tax? After researching other nations and comparing it to America it can be shown that America’s tax system is balanced and effective in running our capitalistic society.

Most citizens in the United States pays their fair share of taxes. We are all taxed differently as individuals and it is based on the amount we make. Per year Americans are expected to contribute around $3 trillion dollars to our nation. (“2016 United States Budget Estimates”, 2015). The total tax revenue is collected from many sources such as our income, sales tax, and tax on businesses. The majority of it is from income tax, the total percentage that…
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