The Different of Malaysia Before and After Independence

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Do you know that British colonists had invaded our country, Malaysia and also occupied our territory? Ouch! Yes, indeed it was a history resembling continuous or intermittent record of the time. But if you understand well, the best part of this history was Malaysia enabled independent from British colonists. An independent country that enable feels citizens with hopes and freedom. Evelyn Nesamanie Samuel once said: “I still remembers the sounds of jubilation mingled with the cries of joy and laughter, followed by the cries of Merdeka was deafening and not easy to forget”. (Bavani, 2012). According to the journal, The Malaysian Experience in Developing National Identity, Multicultural Tolerance and Understanding through Teaching Curricula, …show more content…
Generally, infrastructure defined as a set of interconnected elements provided to support an entire structure of development. Infrastructure also is a basic structure for services and facilities for an economy. Among the British occupation of Malaya, British tried to build up infrastructure that convenience to import or export the freight. For example, British have constructed roads and railways to carriage those freight. Since 21st century, the government is keep planning to develop more advance infrastructure to let all citizens’ convenience at anytime. For example, Malaysia have invited Japan designer to design our international airport, KLIA which replaced Subang Skypark. Other that, the government also developed Penang Bridge, North- South Avenue and others for citizens’ convenience. As a conclusion, the residents of Malaysia after independence have better lifestyle, healthier and enjoy convenience brought by the infrastructures which build by government. The economy is the second change which the economic formation is differing on before and after independence on our country, Malaysia with the economic cycle. Economic cycle is a natural fluctuation in economic activity abstract from trends or irregular movement which over several periods. When the time Malaysia is colonial by British the economic model which using by the British is the Colonial Economy Model. Colonial Economy Model is the British
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