The Differing Methods And Aims Of Malcolm X And Martin Luther King

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The Differing Methods And Aims Of Malcolm X And Martin Luther King The methods of Malcolm X and martin Luther King were very different but they shared the same basic aim, to improve the lives of black Americans. Possibly these differences in both aims and methods comes from the differences in the way they were raised, Malcolm X was born Marcus Little in Omah, Nebr. Malcolm X's father was a follower of Marcus Garvey (Garvey believed that Black Americans should go back to Africa and establish Political and economic ties with Africa) 1n 1931 Malcolm's father was found dead after being run over, Malcolm blamed white racists, soon after this his mother was committed to a mental hospital. Malcolm spent…show more content…
Malcolm X believed that blacks should be separate from whites as well as equal; he developed this view from the influence of the Nation of Islam and because of the long term abuse and suffering caused by several prominent whites in his life. The views of Malcolm X changed after he left the Nation of Islam in 19__ and he started to view Kings methods in a less negative light and began to be more tolerant towards White people, this new stance was developed during his visit to Mecca where he realised that many of the lessons he had learnt from the Nation of Islam where false and unfair and not all whites were 'white devils' Martin Luther King's aims were to make black people equal with whites in the same society. King appreciated that this would take time and so he set out to prove that the segregation system was not separate and equal, the successes of this struggle gave the civil rights movement press coverage which transmitted their beliefs to the world. King used the methods he learned from Ghandi, he used non-violence protests and tried not to break the law whilst stilling trying to prove the segregation system unfair. This form of non-violent direct action was widely criticised by both Black power organisations (for not being of any significance) and White Americans (for inciting violence) but in truth it highlighted how unjust the segregation system
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