The Difficult Life of a Sepoy Soldier

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Felling abused, discontent, and suffering from rash syncretism, the well-established Sepoys of the powerful British East India Company had a lot of motive to rebel against the greedy “empire on which the sun never sets.” It was fitting timing in which, the character and policies of their colonial rule caught up to the storied regime in a sweep of unwavering rebellion. For years, the British conquered the country bit by bit implicating their values stemming from their new feelings of superiority. The Mughal Empire was sent through years of change in policy. British views towards world order created many economic and cultural frictions among these empires in Hindustan. The hostile Indian Rebellion of 1857 was a product of the unpredictable greed and feelings of superiority of the British and led to rash changes in the way empires were operated economically and religiously.
Life for a Sepoy soldier was extremely difficult. Even with years of service, a Sepoy could not ever achieve the pay of an English officer of rank, therefore was a peasant in a uniform. The British’s economic conquest in India can be summed up with the destruction of its traditional economic mold the Mughal’s left. The negative effects of their time in India can be seen in the economy of India in the late 1800s. At this time India is completely depleted and poor form British exploitation. Extreme taxation on the locals and land seemed to have found them looking at major debt as many peasants were evicted as
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