Essay The Difficult Teenage Years

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The most important problems teenagers face are adapting, the desire to rebel, and responsibilities.
A person's teenage years take them through many stages in life. One becomes a teenager when they turn thirteen and it ends when you turn twenty. Teenage years start in middle school and follow you halfway through your college career. When you are a young teenager, the age of thirteen to about sixteen, the body starts to make a few changes, externally, and internally. Females start at a younger age than males. Female hormones start to develop when they are eleven or twelve, but the thoughts the girls have only start to change when they are teenagers. Girls start to develop curves during their development stage. Of course, the development isn't bad. But when a girl is a teenager, she starts to read magazines that are for the teenage mind. These magazines are filled with girls that do not exist, but teenagers don't know that. When flipping through these magazines, you will see girls with airbrushed and photo shopped faces. They have no curves, no pimples, no birthmarks. For a teenage girl, she is "perfect". These images stick in the girl's mind, she starts to feel terrible about herself, knowing she isn't what she saw in the magazines. Teenagers have to learn to adapt to the changes their bodies are making.
Teenagers have to deal with the adaption process twice, in terms of school. The first time they have to adapt is from middle school to…