The Difficulty in Accepting Change

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Introduction Change is brought about by ones decisions. However, personal change to some people seems to be difficult, rather it sometimes becomes so critical for the people within the organization who are seeking ways of advancing in their careers or those who want to do work which are different from the previous one. According to the case study, most people have given their views as well as carried different research works of providing an insight of achieving personal changes. The paper therefore summarizes the reasons why some individuals find it difficult to accept change according to the given case study of management principles. Why individuals find change difficult to achieve Personal change or organizational change has become a major issue across the world. For the better growth of the economy within the world, people should be ready to accept change. Different organizations tend to be successful since they accept any kind of change that comes across them. However, achieving personal change is a successful tool only if the person uses similar relevant approach. Most organization practicing change should know that change management has a thoughtful planning and, sensitive implementations; therefore there are some people who are affected by change. Change should not be forced upon people; rather it should be realistic and measurable to control problems that might arise at the end when someone decides to accept change. When dealing with change in
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