The Diffusion Of A Potato Slice Meaning Plant Cells And The Difference Between Osmosis And Diffusion

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In this experiment we will learn the effects of hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic solutions on a potato slice meaning plant cells and the difference between osmosis and diffusion. “Osmosis is when something is dissolved in something.”(Sheppard) This is where the solute and solvent come in, solute dissolves in the solvent. “Osmosis is a type of passive transport that involves the net movement of water from an area of high concentration of water to an area of low concentration of water. Osmosis occurs when solutions with different concentrations of solutes are separated by a selectively permeable or semi permeable membranes through which water can pass, but solutes cannot pass.”(McKinley) Diffusion also as diffuse meaning to separate or spread, in this case we are talking about how diffusion works when dealing with solutions. “The strict definition of diffusion is the movement of particles from an area of high density to an area of low density, or the movement of a substance down its concentration gradient. This is basically just a posh way of saying that things move from where there 's lots of it to where there 's not much of it.”(Tim Sheppard) “When understanding diffusion, we know that particles tend to move down their concentration gradients, creating a uniform distribution of particles. Osmosis is a process that moderates diffusion, and stops a uniform distribution from occurring. It is due to the presence of a solute and a semi permeable membrane.”(Khan) “Hypertonic…
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