The Digestive System And The Human Mouth

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First steps in the digestive system take place in the mouth, including our lips without them food and saliva would just fall out and it would be very disgusting. As the teeth cut, tear, and grind the food down into small, teeny-tiny pieces so that it can fit down the throat, which then will continue throughout the digestive system. Without our teeth we would simply choke on all of our food constantly and would not survive. There are several types of teeth in the ordinary human mouth,usually in a full set of permanent teeth there are in total thirty-two teeth. The different types of teeth do different things, Like the incisors that are adapted for cutting. Like when you are chewing let 's say some chicken these help to cut the chicken up into smaller bits.The eye-teeth or Canines are used mostly for piercing the food. The premolars and Molars have a broader shape and are used to grind and really break up the chicken that you are eating. Some people without teeth often get their food blended or eat soft foods that can go down quickly and easily. Saliva is squirted into the food to moisten and soften the food so that we do not choke on the dry food going down. The mouth makes close to 500 milliliters of saliva each day. Three pairs of Salivary glands empty their secretions into the mouth, the large Parotid glands are close to the ears and empty into the floor of the mouth through tiny ducts. The submandibular glands and the small sublingual glands empty into the mouth through
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