The Digestive System Of The Human Body

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Introduction One of the very complex systems in the human body is the digestive system where many experiments have been conducted to determine the necessary factors to breakdown food. The digestive system uses enzymes in order to break down the macromolecules that humans consume daily and balances the fluid that gets put inside the body with the amount that goes out. It goes through four processes as follows: digestion which breaks down food into smaller components, absorption which absorbs elements from the lumen into the extracellular fluid, motility which moves substances through the long tube in the body called the gastrointestinal tract (GI) tract, and finally secretion which releases chemicals and carries water and ions from the extracellular fluid to the lumen of the GI tract (Silverthorn, 2010). The pathway of food in the body starts with the entrance of the mouth where saliva is present and contains a digestive enzyme called amylase to begin the breakdown of starch. The food then travels down the esophagus and into the stomach, which is a very acidic environment and is good for enzymes. After secretions takes place, a mixture known as chyme results and goes through the small intestine, large intestine and gets eliminated out the rectum.
A set of three experiments will be conducted in order to determine the factors that are necessary to breakdown starch, proteins, and fats. During the breakdown of starch, the enzyme amylase will be a necessary
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