The Digital Age Of Apple

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Andre Powell Nova Southeastern University Over the past decades technology has rapidly evolved. Society has gone from the analog era to the digital era. In the analog era we saw thing such as CD’s and Cassettes. In the day of the digital age CD‘s are almost fully obsolete. Modern day society has become more reliant on mobile phones. In the past if you needed a phone number you had it stored in your memory. Today, when looking for a phone number it is stored in your mobile phone. The biggest companies of the modern era all strive to push innovation in technology. Microsoft revolutionized computers and gaming with the release of their windows operating system and the Xbox gaming system. Apple is largely regarded as a pioneer of innovation the modern era. In 1997 apple launched the ground breaking IPhone. To date apple has sold over 500 million iPhones, single handedly revolutionizing the technology era. The war has now increased between Samsung and apple to see who can make the next ground breaking innovation. The digital age boosts the consumer desire to have a smart phone. In previous times an individual user would have a cellular phone and also have a MP3 player or anther device suck at a Walkman to play CD’s or Tapes. With the development of technology apple pioneered have an iPod and fusing it with a phone, resulting in the IPhone. A featured focus of technology today is the focus making things smaller and more efficient. Reducing the size of a specific aspect on
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