The Digital Channel: Consumer Buying Behavior and Experience

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The Digital Channel: Consumer Buying Behavior and Experience If you wanted to buy anything in the early 90’s chances were you were at mercy of the local brick and mortar stores and distributors and what they had in stock. If you wanted something, you had to go out and get it. Until, the advent of the internet. The internet changed the world forever. The internet undoubtabley changed how all businesses sell goods and services. This also changed how customers buy products, no longer did customers have to shovel snow to get products from town and navigate city streets or wait in long lines. Internet shopping took a while to grab a hold on the consumer. Early on, consumers preferred going to the store because they felt unsafe giving away personal information to companies via the internet. Then, companies like Ebay and Amazon grabbed hold of the market and set new standards for online shopping, making customers safe and in control. Before Ebay was launched in 1995, shopping online was unpopular but a few months after launch, consumers and businesses alike started feeling more comfortable with the idea of buying and selling products. Ebay, is a prime example of how e-commerce has helped the spread of globalization. Before the dawn of internet shopping, getting products internationally were impossible unless a local distributor had a direct relationship with an international vendor. Today, I have the power to order naan or chapatti mix from India and receive it in two days
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