The Digital Divide In The United States

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The digital divide is a term that is used vaguely throughout society. There is no definite meaning to the word. The digital divide normally occurs between those in cities or rural areas. The divide also exists between the more and less educated. One’s socioeconomic status also reflects whether one experiences the divide or not. On a global scale, the divide exists between the more and less technologically developed nations. The digital divide can be defined as: “the gap between demographics and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology, and those that don't or have restricted access” (Rouse, 2015). The digital divide can also be defined as: “a social issue referring to the differing amounts of information between those who have access to the Internet (especially broadband access) and those who do not have access” (ICT Information Communications Technology, 2015). However, the divide is not limited to Internet access. The divide can include access to telephones,
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The gap extends far beyond school districts or rural United States. The divide surpasses borders and affects societies on a global scale. Four billion people from developing countries remain offline, representing 2/3 of the population residing in developing countries (ICT Facts and Figures, 2015). Of the 940 million population of least developing countries, only 89 million use the Internet—only a 9.5 percent penetration rate (ICT Facts and Figures, 2015). In under developed countries, only 7 percent have Internet access—well below the world average of 46 percent (ICT Facts and Figures, 2015). If a vast majority of citizens do not have access to communication technologies, how would a country be able to continue developing? If the country’s people are not growing intellectually, the country itself is at a standstill. Without assistance in development, development is extremely slow, flawed, or stopped
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