The Digital Era And Emergence Of Mobile Apps

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Digital magazines have increasingly captured the attention of the media industry due to their ability to attract readers through interactive content, without involving high costs in production and distribution as traditional magazines. In todays world, a consumer wants everything to be readily available and user friendly. In order to keep up with technology, most magazine publishers have adapted the digitalization of magazines into creating applications for arguably, devices that no reader can live without, the mobile phone or tablet. Changes in tradition from paperback to digital affect important factors such as customer loyalty, efficiency of readers, and changes in revenues for magazines. Although there have been a large number of…show more content…
During the past decade, a typical publishing model would’ve included a print edition along with a website supported by social media, however due to the ever-growing mobile phones and tablet business, publishers needed to adapt to the change in demand by adding more apps and digital editions with its print versions. Hogarth (2014) suggests that due to the rise of digital magazines, it is likely that by 2016, a high percentage of publications will be in digital or online formats only.

Business users are particularly intrigued with the prospect of having mobile serve as another revenue-generating channel. A survey undertaken by Opinion Matters, sponsored by OutSystems, shows that more than 200 UK and US respondents were asked about the primary goal of their new mobile app initiatives, and 64% said their main aim was to generate revenue. (

How has Apple Helped Publishers?

The launch of the Apple iPad in January 2010 was one of the most anticipated and publicised launched of a new technological device in recent history. Positioning itself as between a smart phone and a PC, but with the attributes of both, Apple have sought to develop a new market niche with the iPad for tablet PC devices, and early signs are that market expectations are being
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