The Digital Information Fluency Model

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Research question "In fighting obesity, are calories, carbohydrates, or fat grams the enemy?" Describe each step of the research process used with the Digital Information Fluency (DIF) model at Introduction The Digital Information Fluency (DIF) model is the model that gives us the ability to find, test, and use information ethically, fluently, and effectively. It distinguishes between off-line/ print information, gives us the tools to find the digital information; and helps us develop the necessary dispositions for conducting research in the digital environment. The DIF model is helpful not only for students, but also for teachers and librarians who can become equipped with them and transmit them to students. The DIF model is divided into 5 spheres: Questions Search Strategy Evaluation Ethical Use The following essay will go through each in turn and apply them to my research question. Questions The researcher learns to parse his question as well as to define which sort of knowledge he is looking for. He learns to conceptualize this as clearly as possible. The learner creates an efficient search query. As applied to my particular research questions, I will do the following: I will select the terms 'obesity ' as well as 'calories', 'carbohydrates', and 'fat' I will look for the latest reviews on research in obesity I will review the sources listed in the 'references' of studied
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