The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

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Failure to Protect and Abuses of the Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Most laws are passed by the congress with intent to either limit the government 's power or to benefit the country and it 's people. This was the thought behind the ill fated and commonly criticized The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Its purpose, similar to its predecessor, the Copyright Act itself, was to protect the copyright owners from the big scary pirates, thus protecting their profits and live-hood. It largely succeeds without attracting a lot of opposition with the exception of Section 1201. The reasoning behind Section 1201 was to stop the pirates ' ability to circumvent the copy protection measures used by content produces and copyright owners and to provide exceptions and fair use protections to the consumer without opening it up to abuse by the copyright owners. Section 1201 fails to meet its purpose and only harms legitimate consumers and fair use. Section 1201 must be repealed! In order to fully understand the implications of Section 1201, we must first have a basic understanding of the section and it 's designed goals. As summarized by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Section 1201 deals with the anti-circumvention provisions which explicitly prohibit the breaking of the protection mechanism as well as the creation of tools which could be used to break the protection. What it means, is that it is illegal for anyone to bypass that protection even if…
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