The Digital Of Digital Image

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There has been an explosive growth in use of internet and World Wide Web and also in multimedia technology and it’s applications recently. This has facilitated the distribution of the digital contents over the internet. Digital multimedia works (video, audio and images) become available for retransmission, reproduction, and publishing over the Internet. A large amount of digital data is duplicated and distributed without the owner’s consent. This arises a real need for protection against unauthorized copy and distribution. Hence it became necessary to build some secure techniques for legal distribution of these digital contents. Digital Watermarking has proved to be a good solution to tackle these problems. It discourages the copyright violation and help to determine the authenticity and ownership of the data. A Digital image watermarking systems have been proposed as an efficient means for copyright protection & authentication of digital image content against unintended manipulation (spatial chromatic). Watermarking techniques tries to hide a message related to the actual content of the digital signal, watermarking is used for providing a kind of security for various type of data (it may be image, audio, video, etc). Digital watermarking generally falls into the visible watermarking technology and hidden watermarking technology visible and invisible watermarks both serve to deter theft but they do so in very different ways. Watermarking is identified as a major technology
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