The Digital Of Digital Media

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Our society solely revolves around technology, unfortunately. Nearly every aspect of modern day lives is influenced and dictated through digital media. The digital in digital media, refers to the use of computers, the software that allow computers to run, and the use of the Internet to communicate the different media tools in digital media. The media in digital media is known as the communication tools that are communicated through the digital aspect of the digital media definition. Media tools can be seen as texts, such as books and newspapers, graphics which can be pictures and videos to audio such as radio and video chat. However, digital media has two important components that classify whether a media source is in fact digital…show more content…
Common ethical issues include identity protection, privacy, ownership, and credibility. As a result of digital media being the norm in society, these ethical issues have produced a new level of meaning and level of importance to society (James et al., 2009). There is a newfound concern for ethical issues in digital media that has been expressed by a variety of different sources; such as, parents, journalist, politicians, and even educators. Privacy is referred to how an individual’s personal data and information about themselves and others is handled, portrayed and used in social and online settings. Privacy online and offline is such a sacred component to our current society; despite this, privacy can be very hard to conceal, maintain, and hide in the current digital media age (James et al., 2009). This is why privacy can be viewed as the biggest ethical issue regarding digital media through, social privacy issues and data privacy issues.
Privacy Issues Governed around Digital Media Privacy is a right that all individuals are completely entitled to, which allows a person to have control over what information and to what extent of information is provided to other people about their personal lives. To maximize each individual’s privacy through digital media, there have been many different
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