The Digital Satellite Communication Systems

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Digital Satellite Communication Systems by Nwodo Nenne
(Matriculation Number: 130805063)
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Lagos
(Ref: CSC422/2014-15)


Digital satellite communications is conducted in a bandwidth and power limited system of noise contributors, filters, nonlinear amplifiers, and adjacent channel interference.
The objective of this paper is to investigate modern digital satellite communication systems. In this paper, the readers mind will be opened to the overall system architecture, identifying all types of filters, amplifiers, and modulation techniques in a system involving a transmitting earth terminal and up-link, a satellite transponder, and a down-link and receiving earth terminal which includes the receivers.
The growing need/use of satellite communications and constant technological evolvement proves the significance of this paper in modern day telecommunications.
The introduction unit gives the reader a perfect initiation to satellites and its applications. This is succeeded by a brief history of digital satellite communication systems.
All the units in this paper will help to clearly discuss the digital satellite communication systems. Each unit takes a particular subject concerning said topic and expatiates on it.


The oxford dictionary meaning of a satellite is stated as follows: “an artificial body placed in orbit round the earth or another planet in order to collect information or for communication.”

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